Autumn has started !

The summer holidays are over, the weather has notably changed as autumn arrives but life on the farm still carried on!

We have been very lucky during our amazing dry spring/summer that we have had enough grass, water (just) and harvest for our animals.

As the schools have now returned from the summer break, the autumnal feel has arrived too. The leaves are turning some amazing red/orange colours. Its seen the start again of our Care Farming sessions and Wild Tribe. We have 3 little piggies who are growing rather quickly and today we bought in 8 lovely calves via Holsworthy Market. Hopefully next week we can buy some more.

We are still bringing in loads of wood for the winter and getting ready to start cutting the wood for netting up for sale. I can't wait to light our rayburn, hopefully in the next 3-4 weeks. Hot water, a warm house and the ability to dry wet washing when its raining outside is just fab. Not to mention cooking, its strange but food cooked in a rayburn tastes so much better, especially jacket potatoes!

Until next time... 

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