Care Farming

Care Farming

Care Farming


We are delighted to be able to offer Care farming sessions for Primary/Secondary age students.

We joined Care Farming UK in 2016 and have completed their Code of Practice.  Jenni has also completed the Care Farming section of the CEVAS qualification.

We have some fantastic sponsors on board, Harpers Feeds, Kivells, Smallridges mechanics, Devon Wildlife Trust, Penbode Vets and Mole Valley Farmers.  This enables us to promote what we do and to offer the students a variety of experiences from businesses all connected to us here on the farm.

Some of the activities we do with the students include:

Calf rearing - all aspects of calf rearing, including feeding, cleaning out, bedding, weighing and recording.

Logs - we sell logs so we sometimes we spend some time netting up logs ready to sell.

Vegetable plots - we have 2 small veg plots and a small poly tunnel.  

Visits - we visit the market and have visitors to us to enrich the experience for the students.


If you are interested in setting up a Care farming project with us, then please email/ring to discuss this further.  We have a Care farming folder which including a lot of information and each school on board gets a full copy of this folder.