Winter is here !

Well, winter is now here, so here's what has been happening down on the farm...

I cannot believe its now January. Time has flown.

The autumn went well, still lots of school visits until October half term. Then we tend to have a break again until the spring.

We have had a clear TB test, which was great news. Always a nerve wrecking time on reading day, as you just never know what will happen. But all was good !

All the cattle are in, had their fluke drench and their wormer pour-on. They are all looking really well, munching through lots of silage. Did you know, a sign that cattle are putting on weight is that they lick themselves. So next time you are up close to cattle, have a look along the sides of their backs and see if they have been licking.

In November, we took on an unexpected care farmer for a few weeks until Christmas. A very competent student, which is great. The same student plus another one has begun again today, which was great. Mondays are a busy clean out day, so its been a very productive day. Timber has been stained, the dog walked and slates moved as well as the rest of the usual work. 

So, what else does winter have in store for us? Hopefully more nice dry weather. The last few weeks have been good. More regular care farming sessions, a new roof going up on a shed, veg plots to enlarge, cattle to sell and more baby calves to buy in is all happening over the next few weeks. Busy busy.


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