January 2019

Its almost the end of January already.

Time has flown by, Christmas seems like a distant memory already!

Andrew has spent a lot of time this month cutting out overgrown hedges. Its always the lew side of the hedge which is worse, as it doesn't get the brut force of the weather.  Its amazing how quickly he has made progress in the hedges, how much wood we can use for firewood and how much of the filed we can claim back for grass/cutting etc now. Good job done Andrew !

We have been getting all the timber ready for re roofing a shed. All the trusses are made, stained and preserved, as is the rest of the timber too. So the roof should be back up again over the next few weeks.

Jenni has been getting all the spring/summer care farming and wild tribe dates in the diary. A few planning sessions to be done with teachers and some prep work but otherwise should be ready to go!

Our winter care farmers have been doing a grand job, settling in to a new environment, new jobs etc.

Roll on Feb, you are only a few days away now....

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