Autumn update

Well, what a wet autumn we have had so far. Read on to see whats been happening here at Julians...

Well, the word WET sums up the autumn here this year.

We managed to get a few dry days in September to do a last cut of silage. We have been so pleased with the quality of our silage this year. The cattle are loving it !

Then there was a few dry days in the middle of October in which the maize was taken off. It was the first time we have grown maize here and it grew really well.

Then we have had a few days now in November in which the contractor, Charlie Brown, came to spread all the dung in our dung pit. It takes us 12 months to fill the pit up and just 12 hours for Charlie and his gang to empty it!

All the cattle are now in the sheds for the winter: warm, dry and eating as much silage as they can possibly eat!! The pigs are growing well and will be ready in mid February. I decided to move on the chickens and ducks for this winter. I had nowhere to put them that wasn't mud. They have all gone off to lovely new homes.

We have school visits here 4 days a week now. Some students are doing BTEC's and the rest are here as part of their schools' extended provision. Its a real privilege to work with these children. The classroom doesn't suit everybody.

The need for care farming has increased so much that we have had to stop offering the Wild Tribe sessions and Survival days as we just cannot accommodate everyone and everything. Sorry.

We are currently in the throws of re wording some of our policies for our Care Farming Code of Practice. I hope to get this done over the next few weeks as it is so time consuming. 

We have had a new addition to the farm too, a beautiful Black Labrador called Inca. She's currently 14 weeks old and a live wire. Definitely keeping us on our toes.

Well, as we look forward to the winter, we have a shed full of hay/straw, amazing silage so all the animals will have the best we can offer. I just hope it dries up as the fields are now so wet they cannot take much more.


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