Bradworthy Academy Visit Julians Farm

Over the last few weeks, Bradworthy Primary Academy has been the first school to enjoy visits at Julians Farm.

Class 6 were the first to visit and spent the day looking at watercourses, water falls, the river torridge and the tributaries.  Speed tests, water depth and flow, following the water from natural spring to the river were just some of the exciting activities they were involved with.

Class 3 spent the day at julians looking at trees and hedgerows in the morning, planting conkers and making autumn collages and the afternoon talking about habitats and taking a walk down the the culm grassland by the river torridge.

Class 4 had a very exciting morning, with a talk from mr chris smith of chilsworthy, on bee's and bee keeping with a look at a virtual hive, followed by honey tasting (yum yum), planting trees in our new woodland and an afternoon down on the culm grassland.

Here is what some of the children from Class 4 had to say about their visit:

"I really enjoyed learning about bees and tasting honey and we saw the queen bee"

"All of it was amazing"

"We enjoyed the walk because of the lovely view"

"I would like to come back and see the butterflies in the summer"

"I liked planting trees the best"

Thank you class 4!

Class 2 looked at farming and food production, with the differences between hay/grass/silage and straw. They also had a fantastic demonstration from Mrs Wendy van Winden of Pyworthy, a trained vet, who talked about digestion and the 4 stomachs of cattle !!  The afternoon was spent looking at habitats and the Culm grassland.

Finally, class reception spent the morning on a sensory adventure, looking, touching, listening and smelling lots of different things and ended with the spiky leaf game.

Winter time is now here, so the time has begun to start bringing in the animals for winter housing. Over the next week, we plan to bring all the animals in and start feeding them silage.


Class 6 doing Rivers!


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#2 symi Guy 2015-06-09 18:32
my first trip to julians farm was amazing. i really enjoyed it. i liked the part where we were testing how quick the water was flowing and the bit where we used the oranges. thank you it was amazing.
#1 Jaidan lewis 2015-05-31 17:20
I had really good fun at the farm my faviourte bit was eating the ration pack's