American Film Crew on farm !

What is an American Film Crew doing at Julians farm I hear you ask ?  Well, continue reading and you'll know !

We got a phone call 2 weeks ago from our resident Survival expert Roli Jones.  He had been contacted by his friend to help take part in some filming all about camouflage clothing and also needed somewhere where the filming could take place.  Did he know anywhere??  Well, that's when we got the call ! 

So, last friday saw the 2 Directors accompany Roli to our farm to check out our site to see if they thought it would be suitable.  They fell in love with the location, which was great!

Yesterday, Monday, saw a crew of almost 20 arrive at 9am with so much gear and equipment it was amazing.  They all had a job to do and were all an important part in the whole process.  The present, a man called Kyle Ng, was feeling unwell and was asleep in the car until he was needed.  Having dosed him up on Lemsips, he soon started to feel better !  2 Landrovers and trailers took all the crew and gear down to the site and it took until probably nearly 10.30 to get set up and ready.  I was lucky enough to be allowed to stay "on set" to take some photos of what was going on and I even got to do the clapper boards with the digital numbers on for the cameras !  it was a really strange experience but a fantastic one too.  Here is a summary of who they were and why they were with us and links for more information !

The Production Company is called "Citizen Jones", from LA, USA.  The Producers are Jonah Bekhor and Jonas Bell-Pasht.

The Director was Alex Walton.

The film is being made for Red Bull TV.

The Presenter is Kyle Ng, who is a new men's clothing designer in LA.

The show is going to be called "Social Fabric" and is due for release in about 12 months time, autumn 2017.

They have already filmed in the USA and Scotland, now it was our turn and then they are off to Kenya, Rome and Japan.

"The show is about the culture and men's fashion styles around the world.  Every episode focuses on an iconic piece of men's wear, from jeans to cowboy boots to camouflage.  In each episode, they discover the origins of each style and how each style has been appropriated by different cultures around the world.  Shying away from big names and designer labels, it focuses on interesting, stylish individuals who's lives revolve around each style."

 Will McKean from Honiton Landrover experinece can to help out with a vehicle and trailer.


Food 4 films did the catering and the food was amazing !


D3 event management


There were 2 other people helping yesterday who I would like to mention (apart from Saxon dog who got all the attention !) and they are:

Sandy Foster, an actress who has been in "Call the Midwife", worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company and was in "A much a do about nothing" at Manchester's Royal Exchange.


Al Barclay, an internationally touring Shakespeare actor, who is about to play "Scrouge" in "A christmas Carol" at the Arts Theatre, London.




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