Care farmers do health checks

Yesterday saw our group 4 care Farmers get hands on with our Vet, Andy from Penbode.

After the usual feeding and animal checking jobs, we were joined by Andy, a vet from Penbode Holsworthy.  We started by giving the chickens a health check.  How to hold them correctly, what different parts are called, for example, the Comb, how they store their food, how the redder the comb is, the healthier the chicken is and general welfare issues.  One student in particular was very knowledgeable in this area already and we were very very impressed !

We then went to do a health check on a young heifer (female) how has had joint ill and isn't a well lady !  We have done everything we can for her but unfortunately the vet has said its time to say goodbye to her.  The students were primed before the vet arrived that this might be the case. On a farm, we have a saying, "where there is livestock there is deadstock" and that's life.  The students were very good about it all.

That said, they got to listen to her heart and take her temperature.

We were also joined by Debs Marsh, who is a local Methodist Deacon.  Debs is new to the area and was keen to get her wellies dirty ! It was great to have her. 

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