Riverfly project with Class 3

Well, we had a great morning here at Julians today, with Class 3 of Bradworthy Primary Academy joining us and the Devon Wildlife Trust to participate in the Riverfly project.

Izzy, Amber and Harry joined us from the DWT this morning, to show Class 3 what is involved in the Riverfly Project.  This is something that has been happening down on the farm for the last 3-4 years, each month between April and September. Kick samples are taken from the riverbed and analysed to see what invertebrates are living in the water.  Depending on what is found and in what numbers will determine the health of the river.

Unfortunately the water levels were too high this morning for the children to enter the water, so Izzy put on her waders and completed this part of the task for us.  The children were split into 3 groups and each group had a large tray, a compartment tray, pipettes and a bucket of water sample to analyse.

Creatures such as the Shrimp, Caddis fly, Olives, Mayfly and Flat bodies were all found, showing that the river is in good health.

The children had a great time looking through the samples to see what they had and checking against the ID charts to determine their find!  

The weather was kind to us too, it didn't rain !

Well done Class 3, you were great and a big thank you to Izzy, Amber and Harry !

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