Wild Tribe at Bridgerule Primary

We have recently been going out to Bridgerule Primary to provide some Wild Tribe sessions. Here is what we have been up to:

We have working with Bridgerule's year 3 and 4 children doing a Maths based Wild Tribe block of sessions.

We have looking at making tally and bar charts from data collected in the school grounds on how many different trees there are and how many of each sort.

We have been making Wild Tribe necklaces out of Hazel rounds and Elder beads.

We have been making Feather sticks and using knives as tools to do so.

We have been making Journey cards from looking at different shapes in Nature and using hazel sticks and the Racoon tape to make 2d and 3d shapes.

Next week we are making 5 minute fires, making a set of Roman Numeral pebbles and how to tie different knots!


The children have been having a great time.

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