Wild tribe session 3

This afternoon saw Bradworthy Primary class 1 return for their 3rd Wild Tribe session, and it wasn't raining!

31 eager children turned up this afternoon for their next instalment in Wild Tribe.

We are doing a Geography based topic, looking at directions, mapping and navigation alongside fun games and Wild Tribe skills building, like nature identification.

Today we were doing map symbols. What are map symbols, why do we use them, what do they look like? The children then each got given a "Go find it!" card, with words on like "green", "wow" or "stripey". The children had to go and explore the Wild Tribe site and bring back something they felt matched the description on the card.

They then, working in groups, made their own Nature symbols for the landmarks of the Wild Tribe site.

They did a great job and it was interesting that each group did it slightly differently.

Great work Class 1, well done!


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