Winter Report

Welcome to our winter report, an update on all the things we have been doing down on the farm over the last few months.

So, we wrapped up our school visits in November, then went into our winter work mode with all the animals being brought indoors.

We had our annual whole herd TB test in December and passed clear with flying colours, not even 1 lump to measure, which was amazing news.

We sold some of our store cattle at the end of January, a selection of British Blue cross and Pure bred Angus heifers and steers. They made good prices, so we were very pleased.

Whilst in market to sell our stores, we had a look in the calf ring and saw a fantastic selection of weaned 4 month old British Blue cross calves for sale and we ended up buying 8, rather spontaneously. They were a good price, not to be missed. We were so pleased that we contacted the farmer who sold them and went in mid February to buy 8 more, straight off farm.  

We have had our adult Care Farmer Toby still with us on Mondays, who has been a great with our Monday big clean out, bed up and logging day!

We have been selling lots of logs again this winter, but have now come to an end as we have almost run out of dry wood from our store. We have lots more to be picked up and brought in, so will still be able to supply again next autumn.

We went to London for a few days in mid February to see family and had a great few days. Even farmers can sometimes get some time out !

The last few days has been interesting but not too bad for us, with the snow ! A few frozen drinkers, although these have now thawed again. A couple of burst pipes and taps, but all fixable too. As I type, the snow has almost all gone, so back to normal again tomorrow with clean out.

Now, at the beginning of March, we have begun our school visits again, doing Wild tribe with Bradworthy and Bradford schools and Care Farming with Holsworthy Community College. We are currently waiting for our baby calves to be born so we can start our calf rearing, they should start arriving any time soon.

So, that's our winter update so far !





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